How to Saturday.

3 March, 2013

decide to go out to dinner earlyish. start getting ready around 4:30pm. take a long shower. take your time. take pictures of the dog. listen to music. don’t rush. there is a place you like to walk to, two blocks up the hill. you can just show up. that’s it. walk up the hill when […]

Seven Questions with Author Matthew Gallaway

30 April, 2011

On opera, writing, cats and the best tv series of all time. I am very curious by nature. Usually after reading a good book, I spend a lot of time reading reviews, interviews with the author and sometimes the author’s blog. And that usually doesn’t even begin to cover the things that I’ve wondered about. […]

Poetry, Work, and Love.

26 September, 2010

When you get to the top of the mountain Pull the next one up. Then there’ll be two of you Roped together at the waist Tired and proud, knowing the mountain, Knowing the human force it took To bring both of you there. And when the second one has finished Taking in the view, Satisfied […]

It’s NaNoWriMo!

1 November, 2008

Yep.  It’s that time of year again, when tons of writers challenge themselves to write a novel in only 30 days!  National Novel Writing Month.   Their website this year says “Celebrating 10 years of literary abandon!”.    In case you haven’t heard of this, here is a brief introduction: National Novel Writing Month is a fun, […]