Why Tom Hooper’s “Les Misérables” is a game-changer.

20 September, 2012

I still remember the day that I found out that no one was really singing in the movie version of West Side Story (and learned about dubbing) — not going to lie, my five-year-old heart broke a little bit. Eventually I got over it. After a while, I was able to still watch and enjoy […]

Review: “How To Be a Lesbian in 10 Days or Less”

27 September, 2011

The first thing that struck me about this compact, yet ambitious solo performance show was how nicely it teeters on the edge between camp and sincerity. Writer and performer Leigh Hendrix moves between characters effortlessly. An intense motivational speaker, an awkwardly wavering performance artist and an earnest young lesbian, coming to terms with coming out […]

Seven Questions with Theatre Artist and Professional Lesbian, Leigh Hendrix

17 September, 2011

The hilarious and ambitiously-named solo show How To Be a Lesbian in 10 Days or Less opens next week. Hot ticket writer/performer Leigh Hendrix dishes about identity + gender in theater, the artsy lovefest that is Providence, RI and song selection for Karaoke. So I did my homework for this Q + A – I […]

short list

2 September, 2010

1.  Summer needs to be over now.  I am wearing sweater in my frosty, AC-pumped office right now and I LOVE IT.  Did you catch that – I am actually ENJOYING being cold.  I am relishing it.  Because the humidity outside is trying to kill me.  Wrong.  Summer canceled. 2.  Over at Geeks of Doom, […]

New photos from the Signature Theatre’s “Angels in America”

25 August, 2010

The Signature Theatre has rehearsal photos up from their upcoming production of Angels in America. Which is sadder: that I know what scene it is they are rehearsing – just from the blocking – for almost all of these or that I’m so happy I got tickets that looking at the pictures is nearly making […]

One Day More

3 November, 2008

Because we are ONE day away from the most important election of our lifetime (potentially) and because I’m as much a musical theatre nerd as I am a political wonk… I give you: Les Misbarack (I seriously love people who take the time to do something like this!) Note: Just wanted to clarify that I […]

This Week in Aggressive Apathy

20 September, 2008

The beat between apathy and rabid, nagging, annoyance.  Do I have distaste for these things?  Not really, I don’t care enough.  Nor do I wish to see, hear, read, or discuss them EVERYWHERE. The top five things this week that I really really –really- do not care to hear any more about: 1.  The VMA’s […]

Commentary on Commentary: Charles Isherwood Strikes (Out) Again.

16 June, 2008

Ugh. I just read the most ridiculous short piece in the NYTimes Sunday Arts section. This is my summary: In “Glass Ceiling Meets Sisterhood”, Isherwood finds another excuse to delight himself with being “clever” about topics he seems unable to acutely analyze. The topic at hand appears to be a light “compare and contrast” of […]

About the 2008 Tony Awards…

15 June, 2008

meh. Does anyone remember when I used to care? Because it’s been so long that I only -barely- remember.  I seem to remember being riveted when Alan Cumming accepted a well-earned award for Cabaret. And I probably only remember how good that award year was, because I taped it on my VCR.  Yes… I said […]

Top Girls on Broadway Right Now!

15 May, 2008

One of my top five favorite plays of all time is Top Girls by Caryl Churchill.  It’s compelling, political and if directed well, holds a kind of tension that is hard to write/direct/act perfectly.  It’s the kind of play that effectively engages the audience to a point where you will question your own beliefs through […]

When favorite-favorite worlds collide.

2 May, 2008

I was just reading Neil Gaiman’s blog and that’s usually reason enough to be happy. However, I also found out that the musical version of Coraline, composed by Stephin Merritt (of The Magnetic Fields, one of my favorite-favorites) will have a short run in NYC next year. Magnetic Fieldy Brilliance + Neil Gaiman Brilliance = […]

Equus and the trouble with Broadway right now

26 April, 2008

Tickets for the Fall run of Equus on Broadway are now on sale. You can get them here at Telecharge and these are the costs: Detailed Pricing Information Orchestra: $116.50 Mezzanine (Rows A-H): $116.50 Mezzanine (Rows J-L): $66.50 Wednesday matinee: Orchestra: $111.50 Mezzanine (Rows A-H): $111.50 Mezzanine (Rows J-L): $61.50 Premium Seat Prices: $251.50 Saturday […]

rock me sexy jesus

22 April, 2008

Go watch the trailer for Hamlet 2. Right now. Go go go. (Credit goes to Jonathan for the tip off)