short list

2 September, 2010

1.  Summer needs to be over now.  I am wearing sweater in my frosty, AC-pumped office right now and I LOVE IT.  Did you catch that – I am actually ENJOYING being cold.  I am relishing it.  Because the humidity outside is trying to kill me.  Wrong.  Summer canceled. 2.  Over at Geeks of Doom, […]

The “Best of…” Lists are Starting Early This Year

12 November, 2009

And that is because everyone who loves to list is taking some extra time and consideration for their “Best of the Decade” lists. (I know!  Can that even be correct?  The END of the decade?  Holy Crap!) The legion of culture geeks over at the Onion, The A.V. Club, has kicked off their decade list-a-thon […]

on that mysterious eye in the LOST 2010 promo

17 May, 2009

So, I thought that someone would have done this already, but I couldn’t find it anywhere.   We need a photo comparison to investigate whose eye that is on the LOST final season 2 second promo teaser! The way eye see it… (what, you didn’t really expect me to get through this without a bad pun, […]

Hope for Dollhouse?

14 May, 2009

I feel like I really shouldn’t be getting my hopes up, but… The other day Eliza Dushku’s twitter indicated that they are “in talks” with fox… which sounded like good news.   Next thing I read was that this Monday was the absolute latest they would have an answer about “Dollhouse”  (and other shows, like my […]

Two notes re: Gossip Girl

7 May, 2009

1.  Note to the writers of Gossip Girl. Lily is a terribly boring character.  You have given me no compelling reason to care about her past, present or future.  I am very annoyed that next week’s episode will depart from the serious lack of storyline this season, in order to flashback and plug your new […]

The Eleventh Doctor!

3 January, 2009

Ok folks, I’m going to come right out and say it… I had never heard of him either, but the “Doctor WHO???” joke is already getting annoying and this has just happened. So yes.  Matt Smith, at 26, is the youngest actor to ever play the Doctor. Here is his wikipedia entry, so you can […]

In sync with the Emmy Awards?

28 August, 2008

I promise I didn’t plan this.  Two days ago, I posted a top five list of my most memorable tv moments. (Just off the top of my head, I swear!  I make random lists for fun, it’s what I do.)   Just now, I found out that on the website for The 60th Primetime Emmy Awards, […]

gossip, guilty pleasures + fun Twin Peaks trivia

28 August, 2008

Q:  What was I doing just now that I’m embarassed to admit? A:  Scouring you tube for the new promo, featuring the first five minutes of Monday’s Gossip Girl premiere.  (I’m a 15 year old girl sometimes, so shoot me) Q:  Who did I discover, a few minutes in, making out with Nate Archibald? A:  […]

My top five most memorable TV moments

26 August, 2008

Introduction:  I was going to make a list of my favorite episodes of television ever, but that is too long a list and I find myself stuck between what I think are the best episodes and what are my favorites.  That isn’t always the same thing and I’m aware of that.  So instead, here are […]

art + chocolate in Spain, on Bourdain’s best episode yet

24 August, 2008

This past week, I caught an episode of Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations. This is one of those cable shows that I don’t feel the need to watch weekly on the original air date because I know that the Travel Channel tends to re-air the episodes to death. So it’s a happy accident sometimes when I […]

The Geek Out List: Special LOST Edition!

13 August, 2008

The thing I love about LOST spoilers that I find online is that I don’t need to avoid them. They never give away any information, just give us more to chew on. (and chew on and chew on and chew on… until January) So here’s the juicyest new things I’ve heard/read/seen about the new season […]

Hot! Shirley Manson featured in new TV promos for Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

11 August, 2008

I am really looking forward to the upcoming season of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles on Fox.  I know I’m in a minority here, but I really enjoyed most of the episodes in the first season.  I love the Sarah-John-Cameron trio and was surprised how quickly the series dove into action, but maintained good writing […]