Review: “How To Be a Lesbian in 10 Days or Less”

27 September, 2011

The first thing that struck me about this compact, yet ambitious solo performance show was how nicely it teeters on the edge between camp and sincerity. Writer and performer Leigh Hendrix moves between characters effortlessly. An intense motivational speaker, an awkwardly wavering performance artist and an earnest young lesbian, coming to terms with coming out […]

Love for Newport

24 July, 2011

Recently a good friend came up to Rhode Island for a weekend visit. Newport was on the short list of places that she needed to see, especially in the Summer. We went out on one of those harbor cruises that are thought of as being just for tourists. I see no reason to have attitude […]

Rhode Island State Rep. Dan Gordon Gets Schooled!

15 April, 2011

In the post I wrote yesterday, I discussed recent comments Gordon had made regarding the Tiverton High School GSA and also mentioned how other officials and the school’s superintendent had publicly voiced their disapproval of his remarks and support for the group.  The growing chorus of responses to his comments is a very good thing […]

on the Day of Silence + bullies in high places

14 April, 2011

Tomorrow is the Day of Silence.  It is an annual day of action started by GLSEN in which students and teachers at schools across the country plan protests, events and take a day-long vow of silence to represent the bullying and silencing of LGBTQ youth. Obviously the necessity of a day like this personally resonates […]

Langevin Changes Position to Support Marriage Equality!

7 March, 2011

Very happy to see the news that Congressman Jim Langevin has officially changed his position on Marriage Equality. Having supported Civil Unions in the past, he now recognizes that so-called “separate but equal” laws just don’t cut it. He is calling on Rhode Island’s General Assembly to pass the legislation that has recently been introduced. […]

Rhode Island is Rocking Some Marriage Equality Legislation!

6 January, 2011

Today.  This is happening TODAY. According to the Providence Journal: The drive to legalize gay marriage in Rhode Island will begin anew on Thursday, with the re-introduction in the House of a bill to allow for same-sex nuptials. In a brief interview on Wednesday, Rep. Arthur Handy, D-Cranston, said he had already lined up 27 […]

The Vigil and Funeral Procession Against the Veto

21 November, 2009

This is a follow-up to my previous post on how the Governor of RI is an Asshat. The protest was well attended and beautifully planned/designed.  There was no yelling or signs and although I understand how powerful large people in groups with anger can be… this was totally different.   Everyone was there because of the […]

On How Carcieri, the Governor of RI, is an Asshat

19 November, 2009

It’s not a secret that Governor Donald Carcieri is a first-class AssHat.  He’s earned that title several times over, but his latest veto is extra extra on the douchenozzle, even for him. Towleroad sums it up the best: If you’re gay and you die in Rhode Island your domestic partner won’t be able to make […]

Rhode Island = Ready For Same-Sex Marriage!

28 May, 2009

I don’t think I should have to tell you that I am deeply sad/frustrated/annoyed by the Prop 8 decision yesterday.  And it’s still biting.  A lot. So here is a little good news to take some of the edge off. Google alerts just alerted me to this Providence Journal article regarding a recent poll conducted […]

In which I give a pep talk to my home state.

28 April, 2009

Dear Rhode Island, You are coming in a little late in the game, but now is your time to shine!  Please bring on some action and let all your homestate homos get married.   Massachusetts does.   Connecticut does.   Vermont does.   And now Maine and New Hampshire are getting really close.  You don’t want to be the […]

For the locals: RI election results

5 November, 2008

Just a quick note for my fellow Rhode Islanders, go to to get full election results for our state.   Not many surprises here, but I’m still delighted.  We have a very, very liberal-leaning state. And if you read my post yesterday on Question 2, I am SO happy to say that it passed by […]

Rhode Islanders, please vote YES on Question 2!

3 November, 2008

Hey, fellow Rhode Islanders.  Just wanted to call your attention to something important!  At the Providence Daily Dose, they have a great post highlighting Question 2: the Open Space and Recreation Development Bond, on the ballot here in RI.   Here is an excerpt, but please go read the entire post for all the details: The […]

The NYTimes did a 36-hours in Providence feature!

1 August, 2008

Yay! Here is an excerpt: AN Ivy League college, a cutting-edge art school and top-flight chefs have helped Providence shed its reputation as a Boston suburb. In recent years, Providence has not only seen a new convention center and a revitalized waterfront, but historic corridors have also been restored to their Revolutionary-era glory, giving the […]

The 25th Anniversary My Little Pony Convention…

22 June, 2008

happened in Rhode Island today and I didn’t even know! I find it hilarious and amazing that people still collect these!  I adored them as a child, age 4-7.  I even had this poster in my bedroom: Apparently, the ponies were a Hasbro toy from Pawtucket, RI!  Who knew? My small collection of ponies soon […]

A Moonlit meeting of the Newly and Once-Again Rhode Islander Waterbabies Club

10 June, 2008

Three hot humid days that feel like the unofficial beginning of summer. Three days in a row, Darcy and I have had swimming adventures at three different locations.  I . love . my . life . Tonight we convened with Joe at a remote reservoir location. No distracting lights. No other people…. just a huge […]

The First Swim of the Season

7 June, 2008

Today it was nearly 90 degrees here in Rhode Island, so I decided it was time. We walked over to the good swimming location (down the street in my parent’s backyard). Darcy was bold and jumped off the dock. I waded in and was cowardly for a while before completely submerging and swimming out to […]

It’s Providence WaterFire Season!

10 May, 2008

I love water and fire and not just in my own backyard.  If you are local, you already know what this is, so here’s the schedule.  (If you are not local, go to the website and read more about it.) Date             Sunset 05/24/08     8:08pm 05/30/08     8:13pm 06/21/08     8:24pm 06/28/08     8:25pm 08/02/08     8:02pm 08/16/08     7:44pm 08/30/08     […]