my year of heavy listening in 2013

1 January, 2014

This year was marked by music for me more than anything else. I’m not sure there has been a year of music since I was in college that will forever be so inexplicably bound to this time and place in my life. Usually there are a handful of songs and a couple full albums that […]

What I Did On My Summer Vacation (So Far) – My First Metal Concert

21 July, 2012

Wow, how are we closing in on the end of July already? I moved up to the Boston metro area, then Summer started and it’s been a blur. I’m going to recap some of the highlights. And no, unfortunately, I am not on vacation for the Summer. I’ve been very much working. However, summer continues […]

the list of now’s favorites: 2011

15 January, 2012

Oh hi, middle of January. It was time to do this 3 weeks ago. Alas, I had some priority issues over the past month – this blog being one of the things that had to go hang out on the back burner for a while. So here’s my list of highlights from 2011: Books Music […]

PSA: It’s Coachella Weekend!

17 April, 2011

And the next best thing to being there is watching it streaming live! I’m a little late in posting about this, due to not having internet until today and thus missing out on their Friday lineup entirely! Tonight I missed the New Pornographers and Gogol Bordello (but video clips should be posted in the archive […]

the list of now’s year in music: 2010

27 December, 2010

This is my version of a “best of” list, although I am very often listening to music that was no released this year.  This year in particular, I was not actively discovering or trying out too many new releases.  I’m not sure why, I guess I just was pre-occupied with other things.  While I frequently […]

David Yates + Cast Discuss Dancing Scene in “Deathly Hallows”

2 December, 2010

I recently wrote about how much I loved the scene in Deathly Hallows when Harry and Hermione dance, specifically the use of the song  “O Children.”   I’ve been wondering how that came about.  Was the dancing scene originally written into the script and someone just thought of that song?  Was it a love of the […]

Nick Cave’s “O Children” in the latest Harry Potter film

27 November, 2010

As much as I love film and have a great, great love for several favorite films in particular, my obsession and connection with music runs an entire level deeper.  I am not exaggerating when I say the the use of music and excellent sound cues contributes so much to my experience watching a film, it […]

Sorry, Katy Perry…

28 August, 2010

Aside from being totally unimpressed that you kissed a girl and you liked it… Beach House just has a better Teen Dream. and my inner teenager ((hearts)) them hardcore right now.