list of 5.11.11

11 May, 2011

– trying to grow veggies  – grilling outside – the song “Pumped Up Kicks” – damn good local white wine – having a pen pal – chinese herbs – needing a roadtrip – news making me too angry/sad – open window weather – learning Italian with Darcy – the show Six Feet Under – catching […]


1 March, 2011

the edge of March spring. now. please.  if there were gods of weather and I believed in such things as gods, I would be praying for the Winter weather to leave for good with February like the weather, I’m sitting on the edge of some changes.  I will start to get antsy if I have […]

if the “Skins” characters went to Hogwarts

18 December, 2010

Total geek guilty pleasures confession time.  Recently I watched Skins and I absolutely loved it.  Not only did I watch the first 3 series’  in like a week (they were streaming on Netflix, I couldn’t stop watching…) I also sorted them into Hogwarts houses mentally while I was watching.  I’m sure somewhere on the internet, […]

Favorite DIY Holiday Treats to Make and Give!

17 December, 2010

Today, I am a guest-blogger over at one of my favorite foodie blogs, Pizzelles, where I wrote about how to make simple chocolate bark and put your own spin on it.  I featured two that I regularly make:  a white chocolate peppermint bark and a spicy dark chocolate bark with pistachios and almonds!   Over […]

Helpful Holiday Hints From Jay

17 December, 2010

So this is kind of a guest post. My good buddy Jay has been listing these on facebook.  I enjoyed them so much that I asked him if I could make them into a post to share with all of you.  These are the first ten.  I will post the rest sometime next week, because […]


12 December, 2010

* reflecting on my year. it’s been challenging, but I feel like I’ve worked on some things a bit and come out better for it.  overall it would consider it a good one.  I’m looking forward to 2011.   I have been for quite a while.  I have a strange feeling it’s going to be one […]

top five places I’d rather be right now

3 November, 2010

(in many ways) 1. Living in a country where the following things were not a factor – a. Seemingly the majority of people having not even the most basic understanding of how government and economic systems work. b.  Extreme short-term memory problems. I had to hear people on the radio yesterday talking about things were […]

10. 29. 2010

29 October, 2010

* thoroughly enjoying fall. * dear weather: stop dancing around with the warmness!  we just had three days of nearly 70 degrees.  wrong.  canceled.  today it’s back to a respectable 50-something out there and I’m so happy.  fall is supposed to be chilly!  I want to wear scarves, dammit! * recently read: Room by Emma […]

weekend short list

17 July, 2010

What I am up to this weekend. 1. Catching some of Pitchfork Music Festival (streaming live on my computer) I’m not at Pitchfork in Chicago, but this is the next best thing.   Tommorrow there are sets by Cass McCombs, Beach House, St. Vincent and Pavement. 2.  Discovering new music I like. This morning I caught […]

This Week in Aggressive Apathy

15 July, 2010

The beat between apathy and rabid, nagging, annoyance.  Do I have distaste for these things?  Not necessarily, I don’t care enough.  I start to develop exposure angst, when I do not I wish to see, hear, read, or discuss them EVERYWHERE. 1.  Justin Bieber + his stupid hair Unless everyone wants to join me in […]

five for tonight

13 July, 2010

Random things on my mind: 1.  I bow down at the geek altar of io9 for reinventing the opening credits to Firefly as an 80’s sci-fi action-drama. 2. And THEN… they followed it up with Simon Tam, MD: There are just no words for being overwhelmed with this much awesome.  Well played, io9, well played. […]

another silly list: If Rita Skeeter wrote for Us Weekly

10 July, 2010

If Rita Skeeter wrote for Us Weekly, the wizarding world would be reading about obnoxiously abbrev-nicknamed folks like: HarPot, HerGrange, AlDumb…

The “Best of…” Lists are Starting Early This Year

12 November, 2009

And that is because everyone who loves to list is taking some extra time and consideration for their “Best of the Decade” lists. (I know!  Can that even be correct?  The END of the decade?  Holy Crap!) The legion of culture geeks over at the Onion, The A.V. Club, has kicked off their decade list-a-thon […]

This Week in Aggressive Apathy

28 April, 2009

The beat between apathy and rabid, nagging, annoyance.  Do I have distaste for these things?  Not really, I don’t care enough.  Nor do I wish to see, hear, read, or discuss them EVERYWHERE. An extra-special “now with more profanity” issue.   Because I’m in that kind of mood tonight. The top five things this week that […]

top 5 favorite things right now, completely (at) random

17 April, 2009

(with little or no explanation.  so take that!) 1.   Rock Paper Scissors Spock Lizard.  And on a t-shirt as well! 2.   The ending of Veronica Mars Season 2.  I know I’m watching this like 3 years too late to discuss it with anyone, but that season finale?  Holy crap.  It got a little Twin Peaks, […]

Top Five Cravings of the Moment

23 February, 2009

1.  Half-Sour Pickles from Trader Joe’s.  Salty.  Predictable.  Whatevs.  I bought two jars last time and they were gone inside of a week.  It’s an illness. 2.  The Beach.  Today was a nasty, rainy, windy mess or else I would have gone there just to walk and feel better. 3.  Fake fruit.  This is a […]

Five things that almost ruin “Four Weddings and a Funeral”

8 January, 2009

(a movie that I find fairly delightful) 1.  The absurd hats.  Did I miss something?  Were enormous floppy hats really that in style at the end of the 80’s? 2.  Andie Macdowell.  (in general) 3.  The line “Is it still raining?  I hadn’t noticed.”  (and the way she says it.) 4.  The line “Is it […]