the movie “Her” + mapping emotional landscapes

19 January, 2014

I saw “Her” last weekend and I have big feelings about it. This is not a review. I was not sure what to say about how intensely it moved me, but in trying to figure out what and how I wanted to say it, I began tracing the edges of the parts of me that […]

How to Saturday.

3 March, 2013

decide to go out to dinner earlyish. start getting ready around 4:30pm. take a long shower. take your time. take pictures of the dog. listen to music. don’t rush. there is a place you like to walk to, two blocks up the hill. you can just show up. that’s it. walk up the hill when […]

list of 11.18.12

18 November, 2012

Things I’m afraid to tell you.

3 May, 2012

Recently I saw a tweet by Ez of Creature Comforts, mentioning a blogging challenge with this topic and asking other bloggers to participate. Without knowing much about it, I replied that I wanted to do it. As I approach it, it doesn’t feel as simple as it was to sign on to in a moment. […]

the list of now’s favorites: 2011

15 January, 2012

Oh hi, middle of January. It was time to do this 3 weeks ago. Alas, I had some priority issues over the past month – this blog being one of the things that had to go hang out on the back burner for a while. So here’s my list of highlights from 2011: Books Music […]

the list of january 15, 2012

15 January, 2012

loving right now: -chai – music by Ólafur Arnalds – scavenging people’s “best of ” lists for 2011 for great music, movies, and books that I missed. – the books The Wave by Susan Casey, Graceling by Kristin Cashore – watching American Pickers with Darcy and scheming to go roadtripping/antiquing/flea market scrounging sometime – the […]

the list of november 13, 2011

13 November, 2011

My Sorrow, when she’s here with me, Thinks these dark days of autumn rain Are beautiful as days can be; She loves the bare, the withered tree; She walked the sodden pasture lane. – Robert Frost, My November Guest I’m continuing my love affair with Fall and all things cozy that come from chillier weather.  […]

the list of october 11, 2011

11 October, 2011

– I decided October is my favorite month. (Don’t tell June.) – Craving oatmeal for breakfast and soup for all other meals. – Fall is the best time for beachwalking, so that’s where I want to be every evening. – Although we went up to Vermont two weeks ago, and I’m more than a little […]

things that happened this week

9 September, 2011

My brother Dan was in town. I haven’t seen him in a long time since he lives on the other side of the country. It was great. For this occasion, a bunch of people came over my house to hang out. I made my popular spinach artichoke dip (came out well) and tried to make […]

list of 7.13.11

13 July, 2011

– playing with google+ – excited that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 is happening this weekend! – reading my way through Neil Gaiman’s Sandman books – and already kind of weepy that it’s the last Harry Potter movie… – also reading A Visit From the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan – loving […]

I don’t want a career.

14 June, 2011

jobs I’ve had + other sources of income: – babysitter – cvs cashier – deli sandwichmaker/stocker/cashier – house cleaner – teacher’s assistant – daycare assistant – afterschool tutor, middleschool – reading tutor, pre-k + k – full-time nanny – production assistant/assistant to playwrights – scenic assistant + painter – follow-spot operator – barista – office […]

‘only sluts wear blue nailpolish’ + other lies people told me when I was a teenager

4 June, 2011

She took me aside and gave me a sad, patronizing look before saying “No offense but, I just thought you should know that only sluts wear blue nailpolish.” I was 13. Everything about that statement was a vicious lie, including the mythos of what a slut was, who was one and why.  In this case, […]

list of nasty voices in my head today

12 May, 2011

  – the one about the mistakes and stupid things I did in College – the one about the things I started and never finished – the one about work ethics and jobs – the one about how my body is broken – the one that doesn’t want me to feel anything but guilt – […]