a hurricane + the house of nerd.

28 August, 2011

We lost all power for only about 4 hours today. Then it all came back on for an hour or so before half the house went out again. The half with the fridge and the running water is out. And the networking panel that our internet modem and wireless router is plugged into. Guess what […]

J.K. Rowling + the Mysterious Pottermore!

16 June, 2011

J.K. Rowling is a master of  building excitement, both in fiction and in real life. She doesn’t do anything small, does she? Well, the geeks are all aflutter today and the reason is because of a little site called Pottermore.  Through posts on several fan sites that contained coordinates for a secret streetview (you can […]

PSA: It’s trailer day for “Deathly Hallows: Part 2”

27 April, 2011

((chills)) More comments later after I’ve watched it a bazillion more times and analyzed it thoroughly in HD.

new at Anchor Tag: TARDIS Love Greeting Card

30 January, 2011

I am doing a series of hand-drawn single cards that I complete in one sitting. I started it as just an exercise to keep sketching and designing something every day, but sometimes it turns out great and so it goes in the shop! I just sold my last one, so I realized I had been […]

Playfully Deconstructing “Inception” – Names and References

18 July, 2010

Here’s a little insight into the way I work.  This is me, sitting in the movie theater watching Inception: I’m trying to turn off the part of my brain that is taking notes for later and just follow it where it’s going.  I manage to do that almost entirely, so that I can really be […]

five for tonight

13 July, 2010

Random things on my mind: 1.  I bow down at the geek altar of io9 for reinventing the opening credits to Firefly as an 80’s sci-fi action-drama. 2. And THEN… they followed it up with Simon Tam, MD: There are just no words for being overwhelmed with this much awesome.  Well played, io9, well played. […]

another silly list: If Rita Skeeter wrote for Us Weekly

10 July, 2010

If Rita Skeeter wrote for Us Weekly, the wizarding world would be reading about obnoxiously abbrev-nicknamed folks like: HarPot, HerGrange, AlDumb…

a silly list: If gossip magazines featured people I actually find interesting

10 July, 2010

If gossip magazines featured people I actually find interesting, there would be obnoxious abbreviated celebrity nicknames like…

Buffy Film Reboot = Terrible Idea.

26 May, 2009

For many reasons that I am way too tired tonight to get into, this news does not make me happy: A new incarnation of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” could be coming to the big screen. . “Buffy” creator Joss Whedon isn’t involved and it’s not set up at a studio, but Roy Lee and Doug […]

my abstract math

25 May, 2009

Problem: “Who does Matt Berninger of the National remind me of?”

Dollhouse RENEWED.

16 May, 2009

Word. In a stunning move, sources say Fox has renewed Joss Whedon’s “Dollhouse” for next fall.The official announcement will not be made until Monday at the network’s upfront presentation, but sources confirm a deal has been struck for another 13 episodes. Fox plans to continue the show on Fridays next fall. . The low-rated series […]

Wolverine Roulette!

27 April, 2009

Are you excited as I am to see Wolverine this week?  Well, here is some interesting news that came out of a recent screening. Over at FirstShowing.net, they are reporting that the film is being released and sent to theaters with multiple secret endings!  (a la Clue) And yeah… it’s a gimmick, but kind of […]

top 5 favorite things right now, completely (at) random

17 April, 2009

(with little or no explanation.  so take that!) 1.   Rock Paper Scissors Spock Lizard.  And on a t-shirt as well! 2.   The ending of Veronica Mars Season 2.  I know I’m watching this like 3 years too late to discuss it with anyone, but that season finale?  Holy crap.  It got a little Twin Peaks, […]

ThinkGeek for the April Fools’ Win!

2 April, 2009

Today ThinkGeek posted a newsletter with links to a whole amazing bevy of fake products (and dear god, I hope the squeez bacon is actually fake and doesn’t exist in some form somewhere).  Check out this screencap of my favorite three: Not since Google gave us the ridiculous brilliance of Gmail Paper (a service in […]

Darcy heads back to school for Spring semester this week…

1 March, 2009

So she made this: Why yes, my girlfriend is fucking awesome.

You know what they say about Hugh Jackman…

28 February, 2009

He’s awesome.  (It’s true, many people say that). hehe. So the actual punchline to this joke… errr… I’ll tell you later.* Ok. So this is a completely fluffy post in place of me doing the scads of recaps that I’ve been wanting to post. I’ve had a long week.  I’m well aware that I’m way […]

ListCaps: LOST 5×05 “This Place is Death”

23 February, 2009

This was a couple of weeks ago, now.  I’m super duper late and frankly, don’t care much about this episode, because last week’s episode (5×06) was SO amazing that I can barely remember what happened before it.  I’m really excited to recap that one. So um… I’m going to skip ahead. I know, I know, […]