Citrus Maxima!

14 November, 2011

Sounds like a Harry Potter spell to enlarge oranges and lemons, right? It is actually the latin name for the pomelo. I’m am currently obsessed with the pomelo.  It tastes like a milder and sweeter grapefruit, but gigantic. Melon-sized. I discovered it last winter and was really sad in the spring when it was out […]

sometimes I cook: watermelon gazpacho

31 July, 2011

I am a wildly experimental cook. So when I had watermelon gazpacho at a restaurant recently and decided I needed to make it at home, I didn’t go looking for a good recipe for watermelon gazpacho, I made gazpacho how I always make it (more or less) and then pureed and threw in a bunch […]

Favorite DIY Holiday Treats to Make and Give!

17 December, 2010

Today, I am a guest-blogger over at one of my favorite foodie blogs, Pizzelles, where I wrote about how to make simple chocolate bark and put your own spin on it.  I featured two that I regularly make:  a white chocolate peppermint bark and a spicy dark chocolate bark with pistachios and almonds!   Over […]

Top Five Cravings of the Moment

23 February, 2009

1.  Half-Sour Pickles from Trader Joe’s.  Salty.  Predictable.  Whatevs.  I bought two jars last time and they were gone inside of a week.  It’s an illness. 2.  The Beach.  Today was a nasty, rainy, windy mess or else I would have gone there just to walk and feel better. 3.  Fake fruit.  This is a […]

For the locals: RI election results

5 November, 2008

Just a quick note for my fellow Rhode Islanders, go to to get full election results for our state.   Not many surprises here, but I’m still delighted.  We have a very, very liberal-leaning state. And if you read my post yesterday on Question 2, I am SO happy to say that it passed by […]

Rhode Islanders, please vote YES on Question 2!

3 November, 2008

Hey, fellow Rhode Islanders.  Just wanted to call your attention to something important!  At the Providence Daily Dose, they have a great post highlighting Question 2: the Open Space and Recreation Development Bond, on the ballot here in RI.   Here is an excerpt, but please go read the entire post for all the details: The […]

Foods that I’ve tried (unsuccessfully) to acquire a taste for

25 August, 2008

In no particular order: 1.  cooked peppers 2.  sushi 3.  spicy foods (curries, sauces, salsas, peppers, all of the above) 4.  lentils 5.  beer

art + chocolate in Spain, on Bourdain’s best episode yet

24 August, 2008

This past week, I caught an episode of Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations. This is one of those cable shows that I don’t feel the need to watch weekly on the original air date because I know that the Travel Channel tends to re-air the episodes to death. So it’s a happy accident sometimes when I […]

farmgrrrl inspiration

5 May, 2008

Lots of Noise just reposted a great article (originally printed in last Summer’s Bust and scanned in old-school, for our reading enjoyment) and I’m so glad, because I might never have caught it otherwise. Its called Soil Sisters and its about female urban farmers in Providence.  So go read it. I’m definitely planning to seek […]

*happy dance*

30 April, 2008

Rhode Island is getting a Trader Joes this fall! My pantry, my cooking practice and my wallet have really missed having an easily accessible Trader Joe’s. Now between all of my amazing green options (local farmstands, CSA’s, farmer’s markets) and my own garden this summer (fingers crossed) and SOON Trader Joe’s being an alternative to […]

of green fairies and lollipops

7 April, 2008

This post is dedicated to Matt Rossi… who should of thought of this and found a way to make them first: absinthe lollipops I wonder if I can petition to have them make limoncellopops… or figure out how to make them myself?