because I love you.

By bonnie, 20 August, 2011

mixtape postcards It’s been awhile (too long) since I made a mixtape. I started making this as a work mix, to paint to, but then it turned into something seasonal, something tidal, something… emo.

So because it’s the end of summer. And because I’m emotional tonight.

And yes, because I love you.

I made this mixtape and I’m gonna share it.

Ok, so technically, it’s not a tape at all. It’s a mix on grooveshark. You can click here to go to it, or stream it from this handy widget guy:

You’re welcome.

Oh and I wrote a setlist for you too. Because it doesn’t count if it doesn’t have a handwritten setlist right?

Except I may have dropped it in the deep end of the pool.



  1. Brandi says:

    I remember all the good music I discovered thanks to you. Joe mentioned you’ll be at his barbecue in two weeks — so will I! I can’t wait to properly catch up then (this time there will be no alcohol involved for me).

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