Two Minute Review: “Scream 4”

By bonnie, 25 April, 2011

I went into this movie expecting to have fun watching it, good or bad and I am pleased to say that I really did.

Self-aware and meta to the point of self-obsession, the writing as the plot winds-up was either intentionally campy and over-the-top OR a really half-assed hack job.  It turned out to not matter all that much, especially because it was genuinely quite funny. While there were several moments during the first 45 minutes when I wondered what it was intended to be, in the second act it tightened considerably and by the time I was watching the conclusion unravel, I no longer cared.

The ending delivered nearly as much as the original Scream, which I consider a classic (albeit a relic) of the 90’s.  This fourth installment may be a cliche sequel moneygrab, but unlike nearly other franchise piece for which this is true, Scream 4 might be completely aware of that.  Intentionally or not, it managed to remix itself into a punchy, fun and effective commentary on the entertainment industry and our times.


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