if the “Skins” characters went to Hogwarts

By bonnie, 18 December, 2010

Total geek guilty pleasures confession time.  Recently I watched Skins and I absolutely loved it.  Not only did I watch the first 3 series’  in like a week (they were streaming on Netflix, I couldn’t stop watching…)

I also sorted them into Hogwarts houses mentally while I was watching.  I’m sure somewhere on the internet, someone has already done this ages ago.   Regardless, here’s my take:

First Generation:

Tony – Slytherin
Sid – Gryffindor
chelle – Hufflepuff
Cassie – Ravenclaw
Anwar – Gryffindor
Maxxie – Hufflepuff
Jal – Ravenclaw
Chris – Gryffindor

I am not going to sort Sketch because I really hated that whole storyline.

Second Generation:

Effy – Would put herself in Slytherin, but secretly belongs in Gryffindor.
Cook – Would put himself in Gryffindor, but secretly belongs in Slytherin
Freddie – Gryffindor
J.J. – Ravenclaw
Pandora – Hufflepuff
Thomas – Hufflepuff
Emily – Gryffindor
Katie – Slytherin
Naomi – Ravenclaw

What do you think?  Leave your list in the comments!


  1. Elliot says:

    This is cool.

    Tony – Slytherin (I agree with you. His manipulations are what defines him the most)
    Sid – Hufflepuff (I disagree with you about him being grynf because he’s not very brave. he’s a loyal friend, but even until the end of the show he was never able to get things by himsel. He was never brave)
    Michelle – Slytherin (she’s driven by the need to be a leader and she can be a bit of a fckd up friend)
    Cassie – Ravenclaw (so much like Luna, isn’t she?)
    Anwar – Hufflepuff (why did you put him in Grynf? I don’t think there’s anything Gyrnf about him. He’s not even too loyal, not brave at all, but Huffle seems to fit the most.)
    Maxxie – Hufflepuff (being a loyal friend was his main journey)
    Jal – Ravenclaw (could also be hufflepuff)
    Chris – Gryffindor

    Gen 2
    Effy – Ravenclaw (she’s not brave enough for Gryf or loyal enough and she’s not the kind of ambitious person for Slytherim. She’s wit and super clever, Ravenclaw suits her the most, imo)
    Cook – Slytherin (could be grynf, but his ambition and the way he sees no means to get what he wants puts him in Sly)
    Freddie – Hufflepuff (Loyal friend, not too smart, not too brave but someone you can count on)
    JJ . Hufflepuff (I can see Ravenclaw for him due to him being smart, but I think it’s more that he studies a lot. I don’t think he’s wit or really much ravenclaw. He’s more of a hard working loyal friend to me)
    Pandora – Hufflepuff (for sure)
    Thomas – Hufflepuff (Or Gryf, but ere never got much about him)
    Emily – Gryffindor (100% and probably more than anyone else from skins)
    Katie – Slytherin (the kind of ambition that would fit sly through and through)
    Naomi – Ravenclaw (totally, it fits her like a glove

  2. bonnie says:

    Hi Elliott. Thank you for posting. I liked hearing your thoughts on this. And I can see your point with almost all of them.

    I think it depends a lot on how you read characters that are all growing and changing and your personal connection with the houses and people in the houses from the books. And also knowing that most people aren’t primarily one aspect.

    Just out of curiosity, if you come back and see my response, I would be interested to know where you would place yourself.

What do you think?

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