“Glee” Does Springsteen?

By bonnie, 2 November, 2009

Or at least they hope to soon.

Entertainment Weekly reports:

If you’ve read the Glee cover story in the latest issue of EW, you know there’s one artist above all whose music the Fox series’ brain trust is aching to take on: Bruce Springsteen. “I think Bruce is our next holy grail,” Glee co-creator Ryan Murphy told EW. “My musical tastes begin and end with him basically,” added co-creator Brad Falchuk.This is all strictly hypothetical for now. Springsteen’s camp had no comment when asked if he’d be interested in licensing his music to Glee. But hey, that’s no reason not to get some early speculation going — because this is an awesome idea.

I agree.  The article goes on to ask for our suggestions.  So here are my top three Springsteen tunes I would like to see someone in the Glee cast sing:

1.  Thunder Road
You can hide beneath your covers and study your pain.  Make crosses for your lovers, throw roses in the rain.  Waste your summer praying in vain for a savior to rise from these streets.

I mean seriously.  That has high school angst written all over it.

2.  The River

Not likely, but I had to add it.

3.  Brilliant Disguise

Ok, so you’ve probably all heard the radio version which was blanketed in some 80’s cheese studio crap, but it’s secretly a great tune.  Go find a live version, especially one of him singing it with Patti.  It will break you.   Also the likeliest of my choices to make it on, and the one potentially most suited for the storylines.

Now, getting real, they will probably choose “Born to Run”,  “Born in the USA” or “Dancing in the Dark.”   Whatevs.  I will still be excited to see it on there.

And if it happens to be on the episode that Joss Whedon directs, my brain is going to explode a little bit.

h/t to fellow Bruce fanatic, Andrew Sims, who twittered the link to this fabulous gossip


  1. kate says:

    plus, my boy jonathan groff will be doing a 5 episode arc in the new year as rachel berry’s (lea michele) love interest. musical theatre nerds and spring awakening fans everywhere are peeing themselves.

  2. Isabelle Gonzales says:

    i wish that Joss Whedon could also make a sequel to FireFly and Serenity’,”

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