first impressions on the “X-Men: First Class” Trailer

By bonnie, 12 February, 2011

So far, I love:

The casting of the guys in this. James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender are going to the knock this out of the park and we all know it. Even if the screenplay is weak and all else fails, I could watch those two as X and Magneto all day. Of course I do remember saying something similar about Hugh Jackman and we all know how Wolverine turned out.  So… I hope I’m not being too optimistic, but their scenes together do look rather awesome already, don’t they?

The glimpses of Nicholas Hoult, who I’m just really excited to see getting some work.  (For those of you who didn’t obsess over the real UK Skins, he acted the fuck outta that show in the first two series.)

The awesome horn-rimmed glasses on Nicholas Hoult.

Matthew Vaughn. I’m a fan. I rather enjoyed Kick-Ass and felt he made a lot of good choices.  This bodes well for this movie. I’m pleased this is his follow-up.

Mixed Feelings On:

– A Bryan Singer and Josh Schwartz screenplay. I’m trying to remember that Singer did do the first two X-Men films which I really, really enjoyed.  I’m trying to forget that Superman disaster that earned him a trip to the corner (I send people to the corner… as in “BRYAN SINGER… you go sit in the corner and think about what you’ve done”.) For that matter, his abandoning of the third X-Men movie in order to make the Superman disaster… we can indirectly thank him for that too.  (In the corner!  Next to M. Night, who LIVES in the corner.)  And Josh Schwartz, I love for two reasons: 1. He’s from Rhode Island.  2. He gave the world Seth Cohen, one of the best soap opera teen drama characters in the history of the world.  Neither of these things necessarily qualify him to write an X-Men movie.  I am reserving judgment until I see the movie.

The release date. Last year we had the “SUMMER MOVIE SEASON” that never came.  It was like a year without christmas.  It was so sad. Even though the Thor release is supposed to signal the beginning of the season (May 6th), I personally don’t count anything before Memorial Day.  So if this rocks, it kick it off right and restore my hope.  If it doesn’t, and the next “big summer movie” is the July release of another fucking Michael Bay francheese flick, I’m going to cry.

The female casting + potential lack of characterization.. I know that this is really a movie about Professor X and Magneto and everyone else is really a secondary character.  However, I don’t really know how I feel about January Jones as Emma Frost.  On the surface this seems like a good idea, but I guess it depends how deep they go with the role and how she’s able to carry it.  I’ve been told that Jennifer Lawrence is outstanding in Winter’s Bone (I have yet to see it), so I have no problem with her being cast as Mystique.  We’ve already seen a lot of Mystique tricks in the other X-Men films though, so are they going to do anything new or interesting with her?  Again, not judging, just concerned.

That’s about all I got for this little trailer.  Leave your thoughts in the comments!

The X-Men: First Class Trailer!

What do you think?

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