Aggressive Apathy, It’s a New Year Edition

By bonnie, 11 January, 2010

The beat between apathy and rabid, nagging, annoyance.  Do I have distaste for these things?  Not necessarily, I don’t care enough.  I start to develop exposure angst, when I do not I wish to see, hear, read, or discuss them EVERYWHERE.

So, it’s 2010, now.  Can the media and my co-workers stop discussing the following?  Probably not likely, but I will keep wishing for these to go away:

1.  Kings of Leon.

They had one of the most boring, excessively-played singles that I’ve heard in years and yet, everyone on earth seems to think they are brilliant.  I don’t get it?  Use Somebody could be a fucking CREED track.   It seriously could.  Doesn’t anyone else hear that?

2.  Jon + Kate + anyone else involved with Jon or Kate.

I heard enough about these assholes in 2009 to last several lifetimes.  Enough already.

3.   Tiger Woods.

Before the scandal:  ((yawn))
Now:  ((yawn))

Whatevs.  Moving on.

4.  Teabaggers.

It’s not even fun to laugh at their stupidity anymore.  The self-proclaimed “leader” of the “movement” was recently on NPR demanding to be taken seriously, and now a picture has surfaced of him holding a sign that not only features the N-word, but spells it wrong. Seriously?

Not one person or one thing associated with this is relevant to what is happening politically in our country.  I think waiting for them to disappear by ignoring their existence is called for in this case.

5.  Reality TV Personalities.

Conrad, Kardashian(s), Jersey Shore, Laguna Beach, Duggar Wingnuts, Any Housewives Anywhere… You don’t exist on my radar.  I broke up with cable a while ago and if you aren’t famous for contributing anything original to culture that is interesting or meaningful – i.e. you are famous for having a camera crew follow you around – I absolutely claim the right to not acknowledge your existence and ban you from all conversation and commentary in my presence.  Fuck you all and even more, fuck the  medias that elevated you to any amount of status.  Some of it was interesting at first and every now and again, morbid fascination has gotten the better of me.  But I’m just sick of it now.   And more so, it’s long ago crossed over into replacing actual news, culture and quality programming.   It’s all jumping the shark at this point.   Enough already.


  1. i agree with all but #1.
    the lead singer just has the sexiest voice ever, and hearing it makes me lust for him. no lie.
    that’s all there is to it.
    all of my friends who also love KOL feel the same way. (that is not to say that all of my friends love them, just that all of the ones that do feel similarly about his voice.)
    combine incredibly sexy voice with some dirty guitar riffs and a song about sex, well, i’m sorry, but he’s just asking for trouble.
    plus, we all know kally loves scruff…

  2. hally kanifin says:

    also, i’m not saying that “use somebody” is the best they’ve got, but it could be interpreted as a song about a one-night-stand. and i can get behind that.
    whereas, creed was all about hypocritical “christian rock” from an egomaniacal drug addict with a sex tape.
    i fail to see the similarity.

  3. Kathulhu says:

    I’m not trying to be dirty but isn’t a teabagger someone who sticks their balls in another person’s mouth? And I do like the KOL song Sex On Fire. It’s fun to play on Rock Band 2.

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