What I Did on My Summer Vacation (So Far): Camping!

By bonnie, 28 July, 2012

Last summer, I went on my very first camping trip for my birthday. This summer we planned another trip to the same park in Ithaca, NY and had a marvelous time.


This year was another really beautiful trip. We prepared a bit better and relaxed a lot more – spending a lot time just hanging out at our camp. It was nearly perfect weather and I got more fresh air and sunshine than I’d had all year. We played bocce, got to spend a lot of time with a good friend, had happy campfire pyro time, wandered around downtown Ithaca – which has really excellent coffee btw, always important – and watched a truly impressive fireworks display over the lake for the Fourth.

I was also just thrilled to be using our grill. There was some fierce camp cooking this year. We cooked breakfast this time instead of moseying into town for bagels and coffee like last time. It was awesome.

Another first – we learned that our little inexpensive coleman tent holds up just fine in a rainstorm. The last night there we had a genuine storm, high winds and pouring rain and no leaks in the tent. No problems at all, if you don’t count having to do the hustle to the bathroom in wet flip-flops at 4am.

I am hoping for another small weekend camping trip this summer, here in New England. However, this trip was so lovely, that if it turns out to be our only one in 2012, I can be fine with that.

What do you think?

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