top five places I’d rather be right now

By bonnie, 3 November, 2010

(in many ways)

1. Living in a country where the following things were not a factor –

a. Seemingly the majority of people having not even the most basic understanding of how government and economic systems work.

b.  Extreme short-term memory problems. I had to hear people on the radio yesterday talking about things were shit two years ago so they gave Obama a chance and now things are still shit, so they felt like they should give the republicans a chance.   AS IF THE PRIOR EIGHT YEARS had nothing to do with all the shit in the first place.  How?  WHAT?  Ugh!

c.  People not understanding that healthcare, housing, food are basic human rights.  The bare minimum of human rights.

*If I can’t have any of these, right about now, I would settle simply to be living in a country where John Boehner wasn’t.

2.  Ocean.  I just want to go be near some waves.  Being able to breathe salt would feel like being able to breathe right now in a way I don’t feel able to.

3.  Home, but specifically arriving home where I would suddenly find myself with a week off and nothing to do but get to be home and devote myself to my projects and cleaning and building a fort and watching lots of comfort movies and drinking tea.

4.  Oregon.  I miss my brother Dan and his excellent partner in crime, Candice. Lately especially, I’m not sure why.  Maybe it’s holidays approaching.  Maybe cause he seems to have good perspective on things and helps me sort out messiness and I feel messy.  He helps to inspire me to get things done too.

5. In my car.  On a roadtrip just about anywhere.  I am having super-mega-wanderlust right now.  Pair that with being in love with the “new” used car we just got and I want to hit the fucking road with some great minimal supplies, scads of good music and podcasts, my dog, and the best traveling companion ever that I’m very lucky to be in a relationship with.  I want to make it up as I go along.  I want some freedom.

I don’t dislike my job or my everyday life, it’s just one of those days that -no matter where I am- it feels like a trap.


  1. Jenny says:

    mine are: grandma’s kitchen- baking cookies for a friend of the family who is about to have surgery. i love shopping for little doodads for gift baskets (my passion!)
    3. LA county, specifically my boyfriends apartment. I’d love to be making us lunch while he works.
    4. Scotland! I’ve been dreaming of it. My boyfriend can come too.
    5. Anywhere, anywhere, anywhere with said boyfriend! (Can we tell i miss him!?)

    Seconded to your number 1!!

  2. bonnie says:

    Jenny – Just wanted to say thank you for visiting and commenting! I visited your lovely, lovely blog this morning for the first time and bookmarked it to go back and read more later. I especially love when people leave me lists in the comments!

    Also, I’ve never been to Scotland. It’s on my list. Especially in the Fall I have urges to go back to Ireland and England. Something about bundling up in sweaters and scarves makes be want to be wandering around rainy/foggy/chilly cities and drinking entirely too much tea.


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