smile-fodder: New Year’s related and otherwise

By bonnie, 31 December, 2008

I have a lot of blogging to catch up on.  I nearly disappeared for all of December.  I have been dreaming of blogging, but only succeding at squirreling notes away in the brain file to post as soon as possible… they will make it up here.  You will know them, because they will be the ones that start with phrases like “Last tuesday I meant to….” and “In the past couple of weeks…”.

I’ve had a chaotic couple of weeks filled with the usual holiday stuff, plus having our car towed and flights canceled and delayed and sibling drama and some deep-thinking about work and my current employment situation.   I’ve emerged, not too depressed or overwhelmed, but certainly a little sadder and ready for some challenges.

However, at this moment, I’ve just spent three hours huddled on my couch in my favorite favorite brown blanket, watching the snow slowing down out my window and catching up with a week’s worth of tweets and reader blog feeds.   So in keeping with the theme of the list of now – right now- on New Years Eve 2008, here is a blog-around list of posts, tweets and randomness that made me smile:

  • 10 New Year’s Resolutions For Geeks on GeekDad’s Wired blog.  I relate to almost all of it.  (I never got into Battlestar Gallatica and don’t give a hot damn who the Last MF Cylon is.   The phrase “Last Cylon” deserves an agressive apathy list, all it’s own at this point).
  • 3191: A year of evenings Two photographers share one photo each, every evening of the past year.  I got hypnotized and found that flipping back the days took on a strange, meditative vibe for me looking at the photos.  Simple.  Lovely.  Brilliant.
  • 2008: The Year in Review Austin Kleon’s year of blogging in pictograph form.  Yeah.  I have a thing for graphs.
  • Surveying the Comic Craze A CBC archives video from 1979.  My favorite part was the anchorman’s recaplet moment at the end of the piece where he says “There are a lot of reasons why people collect comic books.  For some it’s the money.  For others, it’s a chance to recapture lost youth and a fascination with strange fictional worlds.”   Lost youth?  Nope.  I’m fairly in touch with the best parts of my youth still.  But a fascination with strange fictional worlds?  Bingo.  (h/t to BoingBoing for the link)
  • Really, this is a New Year’s poem? Lucy googles poetic for her blog’s New Year’s wishes and comes up with, what I think, is a gem.  The line “I fake an optimism” might be one of my new favorite lines ever.
  • Hip-hop Violin h/t to Ariel from Electrolicious, who twittered (tweeted?) this link.
  • Reflections on the year of the poop-eating puppy. Heather B. Armstrong at dooce gives a handy list of her favorite posts from this past year.  This is one of those blogs that I found this year and couldn’t believe I had missed out on until now.   I don’t know what to say that doesn’t sound gushy, but I actually have the same feeling from reading her blog as I did when I discovered some of my favorite novelists.  She is a truthteller, capturing hilarity with no pretension or showiness and reporting on daily life with abandon, tenderness and honest reflection.   At the end of her list there is a really lovely slideshow of pictures, set to Bon Iver’s Blindsided.  Watch that too.

That’s it for now.   More (hopefully from me, and not just linkyness, later).

What do you think?

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