Road Trip!

By bonnie, 4 August, 2008

Q: What’s heaven for you?

A: Me and my wife on Rte. 66 with a pot of coffee, a cheap guitar, pawnshop tape recorder in a Motel 6, and a car that runs good parked right by the door.

-Tom Waits (from this interview)

Yesterday, after I got done with work, I went home and we packed.  We packed: a suitcase with some clothes and bathing suits, the laptop in its case, two cameras – one new and great /one old and unreliable, rechargeable batteries, the books we are reading, my three notebooks (journal, sketchbook and writing book), some google maps directions and a 1 liter bottle of peppermint iced tea with honey that I had made the day before.

We drove up into the mountains.  We took pictures on the highway of the rolling corrider of clouds.  We stayed in an OK hotel and ate a four-course dinner in a mansion.  We slept in a big bed.  We swam in a little pool.   We got up, checked out, drove into town and ate breakfast and then drove home again.

The end.

(Pictures and actual travel review to come later).

What do you think?

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