What I did in NY last weekend…

By bonnie, 26 September, 2010

1.  Saw Perestroika (part two of Angels in America) at the Signature Theatre Company.

This was good, not exceptional, but it did have some truly outstanding performances and moments.  It was very worth going to see and I would recommend that people do.   This is a play that I don’t ever get tired of seeing, reading, and discussing.   We saw it on opening week.  I’m guessing that, as the run goes on, a few parts may get ironed out and the show will get better and better overall.  This is the beautiful thing about theatre, productions can evolve.  I wish that I could go several times to witness that!   I am hoping to go back in December and see part 1 and then part 2 again, but it’s likely I won’t be able to afford to.

We saw the show with a great group of people and afterwards met up with some Canadians at a diner, which is always a great way to round out the night.

2.  Stayed in a hotel in NY for the first time since I was a kid.

This was very cool.  We fired up the bargain hunting and got an excellent deal via hotwire (less than half price the normal rate for hotels in NY) and ended up staying in a 4 star hotel.

so. much. fun.

I lived there for so long, that I forgot what it feels like to go to NY just to play.  No obligations.  Being able to go back to a hotel after a full day of gallivanting around the city was an incredibly free feeling.   The city is familiar, but lack of stress there is not familiar to me.   I was able to separate from my daily life, old grudges and biases and just be there.

3Had an amazing night visiting my brother + revisiting my past.

Heading downtown to the East Village is comforting and I’m lucky that a few of my favorite places are still around.  Darcy and I met my brother Jonathan, who lives nearby in Brooklyn, at our longstanding favorite  La Paella, for dinner and the best Sangria ever.  I’ve been here hundreds of times.  Never gets old.

We walked over to the churchyard at St. Mark’s afterwards and chatted for a long time and ate cookies.  It used to be a place I would find myself after going out for a walk when I needed to meditate on things.  It’s such a great spot for just hanging out that feels tucked away, even though people and traffic are constant on the street right in front of you.

Then we wandered down to The Life Cafe, one of my favorite favorite places that hasn’t changed in the 14 years I’ve been going there.  We had $5 frozen margaritas in their back patio and talked for a long time, it was perfect and exactly what I needed.

4.  Sat on a rooftop in Brooklyn.

Rooftop LOVE forever. However,  I did almost sprain something trying to get out the window onto the fire escape and up there.  I like rooftops with DOORS and stairwells the best.

5.  Went shoe shopping.

This may not seem exciting to you, but new shoes are ALWAYS exciting for me.  Especially cause I’m cheap and don’t actually buy shoes often.

Oh and we got really good pizza at 3am.  There’s always that and it’s ALWAYS good.

What do you think?

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