the list of october 11, 2011

By bonnie, 11 October, 2011


– I decided October is my favorite month. (Don’t tell June.)

– Craving oatmeal for breakfast and soup for all other meals.

– Fall is the best time for beachwalking, so that’s where I want to be every evening.

– Although we went up to Vermont two weeks ago, and I’m more than a little smitten with the lovely mountains and Burlington.

– Reading A Clash of Kings

– Working on several art projects at once.

– Catching up on Doctor Who, I’m finally on the current season, but not caught up completely yet.

– Checking out some new Fall tv shows. So far Revenge is the one that has me hooked. And sadly Ringer wasn’t worth watching past episode one, even for my love of SMG.

– I’m already starting to plan for the holiday season. (makes me feel all glowy) Planning crafts, cooking, time with family, gifts and making time for traditions. I can’t wait to get to watch the holiday comfort movies!

– Feeling really inspired by my beautiful friends who all seem to be making and planning big steps in life.

What do you think?

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