list of nasty voices in my head today

By bonnie, 12 May, 2011


– the one about the mistakes and stupid things I did in College

– the one about the things I started and never finished

– the one about work ethics and jobs

– the one about how my body is broken

– the one that doesn’t want me to feel anything but guilt

– the one about my parents

– the one about second-guessing everything I do or say

– the one that hates everyone

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  1. Darcy says:

    My List of Nasty Voices in My Head
    -That I’m getting too old to accomplish specific dreams in my life
    -Regrets about traveling I haven’t done yet
    …ok, I don’t really have many nasty voices in my head right now.

    My list of Happy Thoughts in my head right now:
    -I am still young enough to be fit as a muther f***ing fiddle

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