I don’t want a career.

By bonnie, 14 June, 2011

jobs I’ve had + other sources of income:
– babysitter
– cvs cashier
– deli sandwichmaker/stocker/cashier
– house cleaner
– teacher’s assistant
– daycare assistant
– afterschool tutor, middleschool
– reading tutor, pre-k + k
– full-time nanny
– production assistant/assistant to playwrights
– scenic assistant + painter
– follow-spot operator
– barista
– office assistant for an accountant
– executive assistant (twice)
– marking communications coordinator
– circulation assistant at a newspaper
– housepainter (interior)
– call center associate
– I.T. and office coordinator
– artist
– writer

what I hope will be the primary sources of income in the future:
– writing books
– writing articles, essays, poems, and reviews
– travel and writing about it
– painting large scale works
– making smaller art pieces, cards, prints, illustration and crafts

what I hope to have the opportunity to train/learn in the future, which might lead to jobs/income
– tattoo artistry
– massage therapy
– some kind of grant, fellowship, sabbatical, paid scholarship opportunity

what I hope to do/learn, regardless of ever getting paid:
– fix my car myself
– become an herbalist
– organic farming/permaculture
– build computers
– web languages + programming
– hacking
– be multilingual
– carpentry skills
– start a collective gallery space or in some way provide a forum for other artists
– cook and bake really really well
– street art
– welding
– jewelry making
– sailing + boat maintance

other important things that I must devote time to:
– reading (always)
– attempting to learn + understand history, geography and politics on a global scale
– activism
– volunteering

I don’t want a “career”.

I don’t know what that means anymore.

I don’t care to find out.

what are your lists? what do you do + want to do?


  1. Brandi says:

    I know that I want to spend a good portion of my time devoted to food and food justice issues. Beyond that, I have lists like these too. Do you have an online portfolio for your writings? I feel like you need something like that.

    • bonnie says:


      Lists? I imagine you could cover a table with a giant map of things you do and learn! You are one of my personal polymath heroes that way. I love that food + food justice is just the next frontier of what you will be devoting time to. I love knowing there will be something equally as interesting and worthy of your time after that.

      I do not currently have an online portfolio of any kind! I recently sat down and made lists and mapped out my life. And I’ve known this in the back of my mind for a long time, but documentation is a big missing hole in my life. I don’t have an organized portfolio of all the art work I’ve done the last decade and I don’t have any kind of portfolio of my written work. So I’m currently working on how best to assemble these things digitally and get them listed on my blog and in a format to submit for things like shows, grants, submitting my writing. I’m in the process.

  2. kate says:

    i heart you, b.

  3. I don’t want a career or even a job either! Can I just be your muse? 🙂

    Great lists. The things we want to learn/be are so similar. If only people got paid to be awesome.

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