for my birthday…

By bonnie, 27 June, 2011

I got:

- to go camping for the first time ever.
- a really cute tent.
- to go hiking and see really beautiful gorges and waterfalls in and around Ithaca, NY.
- a really fun roadtrip with my favorite person in the world and my dog, with excellent music. through beautiful stretches of highway in Massachusetts and New York.
- to drink a mint julep sno-cone.  (seriously amazing.  bourbon. in a sno-cone.)
- two nights around a camp-fire with great friends + great conversation
- a bocce set.
- a really excellent first bocce game in which my team (team bourbon sno-cones) ultimately lost to Darcy’s team (gewurtztraminer). we did, however, win several rounds and I’m also pretty sure we landed more quality jokes involving the positions of our balls, which I feel should count for something.
- a five day weekend. which then results in this week only being four work days. followed by a holiday 3-day weekend. and another four day workweek.
- much love from many wonderful people all over the internet. my facebook page and email box are truly humbling places of beautiful words and warm wishes right now.

I am glowing.

yay summer. yay birthdays. yay lovely, lovely people in my life. I am so very lucky.


  1. Darcy says:

    I’m still glowing from this weekend too. Make it last!

  2. [...] s.parentNode.insertBefore(po, s); })(); Last summer, I went on my very first camping trip for my birthday. This summer we planned another trip to the same park in Ithaca, NY and had a [...]

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