a thankful list. november 29, 2011

By bonnie, 29 November, 2011

November has been wonderful to me.  I had wanted to write this list last week before Thanksgiving, but here I am already looking at Christmas lights. So before I get all swept up in December, I figured I should reflect a bit before moving on.

– The first Thanksgiving in years that actually felt like a celebration.
– New opportunities. I have some consistent freelance blogging going on. Darcy and I are going to be managing a website today. And she is starting a really phenomenal new job next week.
– New developments for many people I care about. It feels like one of those time periods where everything is shifting around and people are beginning new eras in their  lives.  I’m seeing lots of people making really beautiful things happen.
– Being on the mend. I had a little relapse with my back at the beginning of the month, but it’s been all improvement and lessening pain since then.
– Productivity. I’m always really inspired in the Fall and it is the good kind of busy. Writing a lot. Designing holiday cards. More and more ideas.
– Cozying up to when I get to listen to Christmas music and watch all my favorite cheesy holiday comfort movies.
– Planning gifts and making all my usual candies and treats for people.
– The chill in the air. I know by February I will be officially sick of Winter, but I have really been relishing the few cold days lately and wanting more.

What do you think?

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