five for tonight

By bonnie, 13 July, 2010

Random things on my mind:

1.  I bow down at the geek altar of io9 for reinventing the opening credits to Firefly as an 80’s sci-fi action-drama.

2. And THEN… they followed it up with Simon Tam, MD:

There are just no words for being overwhelmed with this much awesome.  Well played, io9, well played.

3.  I get to go to Chicago in a little over 3 weeks.  I can’t wait to see family and friends.  We also get to hang out with people who don’t belong to that place and being a person who loves it when worlds collide, it’s going to be wacky fun.   Our good friend Deena will be there (and get to meet our family out there in the ‘burbs).  And also Ciao Rossi!  Who moved away from Chicago shortly after we did.   It will be like going back in time!

4.  Why on earth is Dust in the Wind stuck in my head?  It should at least be Carry on my Wayward Son. (Right? Am I right?)

5.   The worst opening credits for a television show anything EVER in the history of the world, was the theme song for The L Word from the second season on.  I stopped watching the show in the 3rd season.  It’s been off the air for over a year now.  But STILL.  I (still) hate that song with a seething, burning passion.  I can’t even love-t0-hate it.  It’s not funny or campy enough to be funny-painful-bad.  Just bad bad bad.  This bad:  Worse than killing off Dana.  THAT BAD, Chaiken.  That bad.

I would link it up for you, but I’m not that sadistic.   Don’t go look it up on youtube.  You won’t sleep.

(that bad)

What do you think?

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