a hurricane + the house of nerd.

By bonnie, 28 August, 2011

We lost all power for only about 4 hours today. Then it all came back on for an hour or so before half the house went out again.

The half with the fridge and the running water is out. And the networking panel that our internet modem and wireless router is plugged into.

Guess what we were most upset about?

Food staying cold? Whatevs. Having to flush the toilet using a watering can and the water we filled the tub with? All good.

But you best believe we were looking for the power strip/surge protector with the longest cord to get our internet back on, fucking stat.

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  1. Cosetthetable says:

    We have a heavy duty 40ft extension cord (neon green) for scenarios just such as that.

    Well, we KEPT it because of that. I think we initially bought it so that we could use a reciprocating saw to cut off a dragging plastic part of the bottom of the car in a Dunkin Donuts parking lot………

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