By bonnie, 1 March, 2011

the edge of March

  • spring. now. please.  if there were gods of weather and I believed in such things as gods, I would be praying for the Winter weather to leave for good with February
  • like the weather, I’m sitting on the edge of some changes.  I will start to get antsy if I have to sit here for long, so I’m pulling for a swift current of action to carry me away with it and land in a place of some fresh starts
  • I’ve made it through the Winter, just about, without getting too down or losing my inspiration/momentum for my many projects.  I’m proud of that and hoping it means that Spring will be on fire!

what I’ve been reading:

  • I finished Freedom by Jonathan Franzen and thought it was absolutely excellent and well-deserving of all the praise and attention.
  • I finished Just Kids by Patti Smith and it is now one of my favorite books ever.

reading now:

  • The Metropolis Case by Matthew Gallaway
  • The Ground Beneath Her Feet by Salman Rushdie  (is our current read-aloud selection)
  • a lot of magazines, because I was able to use airline miles that were never going to get me a ticket (I don’t fly enough) to get free subscriptions.  So I once again subscribe to Wired (I really missed that one) and a number of others.


  • since my last list, I saw nearly all of the Oscar nominations because I wanted to be prepared.
  • I also recently watched the entire swedish Millennium film trilogy.  a.k.a. The Girl Who…. was portrayed by Noomi Repace quite brilliantly in the movies, but as a character walked through rather flat, action-movie adaptations of books stripped of all their most political and compelling plot elements.  More on those in a blog post I think!  It’s streaming on Netflix.  You’d be better served reading the books and hoping that David Fincher GOES THERE with his adaptations.
  • I haven’t been going to the movies nearly often enough.  I don’t have anything I’m dying to see right now.


  • watched part of the Oscars. weirdest ever? I had to turn them off because I just didn’t have the patience
  • Nathan Fillion recently made a joke about wanting to buy Firefly and resurrect it.  not going to happen, but wouldn’t that be something?
  • I’m ALL about Skins (UK) Series 5.  It’s almost over (sad), but it’s been so excellent.  such a return to form for the Skins UK team after the utter mess that was the writing for the last series.  and the music has been A++


  • I’ve been really digging some PJ Harvey (new and old favorites) lately. not a surprise. I think she’s a genius.
  • I need to get to a record store soon and some get some new items in rotation up in here.

what have I been doing this winter?

  • sometimes I wonder… hibernating?
  • designing fun cards for etsy, which have been selling and getting some admiring words and nods around the internet!
  • working on my book.  my draft is starting to feel less like a struggling labor of love and more like a book-shaped thing.  I hope to finish the draft and start rewrites/edits by May.
  • following all the peaceful protests happening.  trying to seek out good sources of information and keep it circulating on social media where people have been silenced and internet blackouts attempted to keep everyone cut-off.  rejoicing and inspired by the people of egypt.  deeply worried/saddened by the violence against the people in libya.  really proud of the union solidarity happening in wisconsin right now.

these times we are living in – in our country and in how our country relates in global events, in the lives of other people living elsewhere – so much is happening and changing.  I’m trying to stay informed. get involved in small ways if that’s all I can do for now.  trying to find the balance when I can’t be outraged all the time – when I need to stay engaged in the realities of my own life, my progress/processes/projects. my health, mental and otherwise.

these are issues I’ve been thinking a lot about.


What do you think?

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