J.K. Rowling + the Mysterious Pottermore!

16 June, 2011

J.K. Rowling is a master of  building excitement, both in fiction and in real life. She doesn’t do anything small, does she? Well, the geeks are all aflutter today and the reason is because of a little site called Pottermore.  Through posts on several fan sites that contained coordinates for a secret streetview (you can […]

How about in this turbine?

7 May, 2009

Awesomeness + Silliness = My favorite kind of everythingness. Watch this now.  (and wait for it, it gets better and better!) h/t to Kally, created by ElBucko.

Wolverine Roulette!

27 April, 2009

Are you excited as I am to see Wolverine this week?  Well, here is some interesting news that came out of a recent screening. Over at FirstShowing.net, they are reporting that the film is being released and sent to theaters with multiple secret endings!  (a la Clue) And yeah… it’s a gimmick, but kind of […]

Muppets Eleven

23 April, 2009

LOVE the muppets + evil geniuses who love the muppets! See also Kermit Bale.

ThinkGeek for the April Fools’ Win!

2 April, 2009

Today ThinkGeek posted a newsletter with links to a whole amazing bevy of fake products (and dear god, I hope the squeez bacon is actually fake and doesn’t exist in some form somewhere).  Check out this screencap of my favorite three: Not since Google gave us the ridiculous brilliance of Gmail Paper (a service in […]

Watch this. Sign. Pass it on.

18 February, 2009

This video made me cry. “Fidelity”: Don’t Divorce… from Courage Campaign on Vimeo. I wish this would be broadcast on the nightly news in every town and city in America. I wish people were forced to expose their most hateful/fearful/pious/biased thoughts and try to connect them directly to the human lives, loves and faces of […]

Valentines for Everyone

14 February, 2009

A Valentine’s Day List of all kinds of love you can send+ share: 1.  Obama Love Some Ecards has tons of snarky goodies, but these Obama-inspired V’s were my favorite: And if you sign up for the some ecards app on facebook, you can send them to about 100 million people simultaneously! 2.  I’ve mentioned […]

Many ways to watch the Inauguration today!

20 January, 2009

Lifehacker has a very comprehensive list of ways to catch the Inauguration online, on any web compatible device. This is very helpful if you, like me, do not have tv reception or if you are at work or elsewhere. The swearing-in ceremony commences at 11:00 AM EST, he will take the oath of office right […]

Play LOST Showdown!

18 January, 2009

As you all know, the countdown to LOST: Season Five is nearing it’s glorious finish!  Wednesday is the day! I wanted to post something fun, to add to the anticipation.  I found this clip-viewing viewer’s poll/game on the official ABC LOST website and I’m excited about it.  You should go play too! It looks like […]

Congratulations, Dr. Horrible team!

8 January, 2009

Dr. Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog won a People’s Choice Award last night, for “Favorite Online Sensation”. I thought it was a brilliant and fun short piece.  I am pleased to see something written and produced exclusively for the internet get recognized by a national award.  (even if I think the People’s Choice Awards are kind of […]

LOST characters on Twitter!

5 January, 2009

Via ThinkGeek on Twitter, I just found out that LOST characters (the 5 that got off the island) now have profiles.   I added them to my follow list.  Even more reason to be glued to Twitter now.  ThinkGeek also pointed out something odd… I screenprinted it.  Here is Jack’s home page: and I went to his “following” page […]

smile-fodder: New Year’s related and otherwise

31 December, 2008

I have a lot of blogging to catch up on.  I nearly disappeared for all of December.  I have been dreaming of blogging, but only succeding at squirreling notes away in the brain file to post as soon as possible… they will make it up here.  You will know them, because they will be the […]

Literal Chart Humor

18 December, 2008

I give you… the always brilliant xkcd on flow charts: and something random (I really have no idea where it came from, someone emailed it to me) on pie charts:

Joss Whedon Reviews “Dr. Horrible” for Amazon

17 December, 2008

Can someone please get me a playdate with Joss Whedon for Christmas?   (and I mean that in a totally innocent way, he is the kind of guy I want to go bowling with.  For realz.  I just want him to be my new BFF.  Is that too much to ask?) Joss Whedon reviewed the dvd […]

Proposition 8 – The Musical!

3 December, 2008

Starring Neil Patrick Harris (LOVE nph), Margaret Cho, John C. Reilly, Jack Black, Alison Janney and lots of other fun people.

Official Announcement: My pick for the new Doctor!

1 December, 2008

The other night at a gathering in my home, a “Who is going to be the new Doctor?” discussion broke out.   To be completely honest, I have not caught up entirely with Doctor Who.  (It’s on my list, I swear!)  And so, not being “there” yet, I really hadn’t given it a great deal […]

Holy Crap! Oh Man! Major LOST spoiler!

30 November, 2008

Confession:   I LOVE being spoiled.  I really do.  It takes a reasonable amount of restraint not to take it too far, so that I can still enjoy watching a series. I don’t seek out spoilers actively, but if I happen to learn something – let’s say a really JUICY detail about the upcoming season of […]