my abstract math

25 May, 2009

Problem: “Who does Matt Berninger of the National remind me of?”


29 April, 2009

Dear Stevie Nicks, I think you are fabulous and a diva in your own right.  I grew up listening to Fleetwood Mac and even today, the sounds of your voice can frequently be heard coming from my record player. But I have to tell you, covering the song “Crash Into Me” by Dave Matthews Band […]

My plans for the night…

28 March, 2009

I’m going to put a random sparkly decal thing on my arm and hold a baby that doesn’t belong to me. Just kidding! I’m going to the Tour of Refusal! Tonight I will realize a dream that took root back in the most emo parts of my teenaged soul when I first discovered The Smiths. […]

Stop-Motion Love.

18 February, 2009

Darcy posted this video on facebook the other day.  I discovered (and fell in love with ) the song last summer, but had never seen the video.  Turns out it is really, really beautiful.

last splash

16 February, 2009

I don’t know.  I was just needing to hear this today.  This baseline rocked my universe in 1993…

Andrew Bird’s “Noble Beast” available for preview streaming on NPR

17 January, 2009

On Tuesday, Andrew Bird’s new album “Noble Beast” will be released, but I already listened to it a few weeks ago.  (apologies for posting this kinda late, I meant to share… just never got around to it). NPR Exclusive First Listen makes entire (yet-to-be-released) albums available for streaming.  You can listen to the entire thing, […]

Joss Whedon Reviews “Dr. Horrible” for Amazon

17 December, 2008

Can someone please get me a playdate with Joss Whedon for Christmas?   (and I mean that in a totally innocent way, he is the kind of guy I want to go bowling with.  For realz.  I just want him to be my new BFF.  Is that too much to ask?) Joss Whedon reviewed the dvd […]

the list of now’s year in music + “best music of 2008” lists round-up

14 December, 2008

This year I didn’t really follow new releases or review any albums. I have been working on many other projects and so when I reflect on a list for this past year of my “favorites”, it would be comprised of songs that I came across this year – many not from this year’s record releases, […]

Proposition 8 – The Musical!

3 December, 2008

Starring Neil Patrick Harris (LOVE nph), Margaret Cho, John C. Reilly, Jack Black, Alison Janney and lots of other fun people.

Official Announcement: My pick for the new Doctor!

1 December, 2008

The other night at a gathering in my home, a “Who is going to be the new Doctor?” discussion broke out.   To be completely honest, I have not caught up entirely with Doctor Who.  (It’s on my list, I swear!)  And so, not being “there” yet, I really hadn’t given it a great deal […]

One Day More

3 November, 2008

Because we are ONE day away from the most important election of our lifetime (potentially) and because I’m as much a musical theatre nerd as I am a political wonk… I give you: Les Misbarack (I seriously love people who take the time to do something like this!) Note: Just wanted to clarify that I […]

Music Trivia Meme

2 October, 2008

I am feeling a bit overwhelmed from reading (eating-sleeping-breathing) politics.   So here’s a game.  I’m stealing this particular variation from Kerri, although many many blogs I read have featured similar games recently. Here’s the one rule – I give you a line or two, you give me the next line which contains the title of […]

2 October, 2008

favoritefavoritesongs teardrop – massive attack wish you were here – pink floyd golden brown – the stranglers tom traubert’s blues – tom waits by my side – sade watching the wheels – john lennon love song – the cure tower of song – leonard cohen joey – concrete blonde possession  – sarah mclachlan don’t think […]

This Week in Aggressive Apathy

20 September, 2008

The beat between apathy and rabid, nagging, annoyance.  Do I have distaste for these things?  Not really, I don’t care enough.  Nor do I wish to see, hear, read, or discuss them EVERYWHERE. The top five things this week that I really really –really- do not care to hear any more about: 1.  The VMA’s […]

T-t-tonight, T-t-tonight, T-tonight… I’m loving my new Mates (of State)

18 August, 2008

Joe gave me the newest album by indie-pop duo Mates of State for my birthday, back in June.   The album, Re-arrange Us has been out since May, so this is less of a review and more of a love letter.  Because now, in the days counting down to the close of summer, I have a […]

Hot! Shirley Manson featured in new TV promos for Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

11 August, 2008

I am really looking forward to the upcoming season of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles on Fox.  I know I’m in a minority here, but I really enjoyed most of the episodes in the first season.  I love the Sarah-John-Cameron trio and was surprised how quickly the series dove into action, but maintained good writing […]

The Magnetic Fields On Tour Again, This Fall!

21 July, 2008

Confession:  Even though they are one of my alltime favorite-favorite musical acts, I have never managed to catch The Magnetic Fields in concert.  Here are the dates listed so far + already on sale. 10-10 Minneapolis, MN – State Theatre 10-11 Madison, WI – Capitol Theater at Overture Center for the Arts 10-13 Dallas, TX […]