new at Anchor Tag: TARDIS Love Greeting Card

30 January, 2011

I am doing a series of hand-drawn single cards that I complete in one sitting. I started it as just an exercise to keep sketching and designing something every day, but sometimes it turns out great and so it goes in the shop! I just sold my last one, so I realized I had been […]

Steve Jobs Loves You.

30 January, 2011

This is really, really excellent.  We all know how I feel about Say Anything clever, referential t-shirts. Well here’s another one, from geektastic etsy shop Mighttees for all you 80’s movie-lovin’, apple fanatics out there! Seriously, how great is that? h/t to technabob especially for titling their post about this “Steve Jobs + Lloyd Dobler […]

Kill Bill 3 Rumors on Twitter?

23 January, 2011

This is a public service announcement for everyone who would be as excited as I would about this news, if there was even a remote chance it was for real. Rumors are spreading that Quentin Tarantino announced via “his” twitter account that Kill Bill 3 is written and on it’s way to released in 2013. […]

new image of Andrew Garfield as Spiderman

14 January, 2011

Caught this on Fandango this morning.  You can find their story here. Even after the trainwreck that was the last Spiderman movie, I thought a reboot was a silly idea.  Then I heard Andrew Garfield was attached to the reboot and it started to seem less silly.  Now with this picture, the idea is swinging […]

getting excited for the upcoming year in film

13 January, 2011

There are a lot of great filmmakers working on some very exciting projects right now.  Lucky for us, some of those are finished or in post-production and set to be released in 2011. Here’s a list of the ones I know about so far that I am excited to see.  I’m sure there will be […]

the list of now’s year in film: 2010

8 January, 2011

I have mixed feelings about this year.  There was a giant gaping hole where the summer movie season was supposed to be.  It felt like a lot longer of a drought, but when I looked back at my notes, journals, facebook updates and whatnot over the year I do feel like it was a good […]

if the “Skins” characters went to Hogwarts

18 December, 2010

Total geek guilty pleasures confession time.  Recently I watched Skins and I absolutely loved it.  Not only did I watch the first 3 series’  in like a week (they were streaming on Netflix, I couldn’t stop watching…) I also sorted them into Hogwarts houses mentally while I was watching.  I’m sure somewhere on the internet, […]

netflix reviews – “Down by Law” + “Alice’s Restaurant”

11 December, 2010

In which I review the most recent films that I finally got around to watching.  These two were a couple of days apart and not really planned, but I guess I kind of have an off-beat crime movie theme going. Down By Law (1986) is one of Jim Jarmusch’s earliest films.  It features Tom Waits, […]

Inception Briefcase Special Edition – SOLD OUT

7 December, 2010

So, um… that was fast!   This  super cool special edition gift set was available exclusively from the WB Shop, but I’m guessing it actually sold out in pre-orders, weeks ago!  Amazon UK still has it, but it’s the Euro release.  So if you are a die-hard fan and you MUST have it, it’s there for […]

Muppet Family Christmas: Accept No Substitutes

7 December, 2010

I just wanted to share with you all how excited I am to be watching this right now.  A Muppet Family Christmas was on television in the late 80’s and we taped it (commercials and all) off tv.  My brothers and I watched this about 3 billion times over the holidays growing up.  It’s absolutely […]

David Yates + Cast Discuss Dancing Scene in “Deathly Hallows”

2 December, 2010

I recently wrote about how much I loved the scene in Deathly Hallows when Harry and Hermione dance, specifically the use of the song  “O Children.”   I’ve been wondering how that came about.  Was the dancing scene originally written into the script and someone just thought of that song?  Was it a love of the […]

Is Deathly Hallows: Part 1 the Best Potter Film Yet?

27 November, 2010

I’m going to go with a resounding YES.  After having a week to process, I’m still very taken by it, as much as I was walking out of the theater.  I really can’t wait to see it again.  I thought the script was tighter and paced better than any of the other films.  The direction […]

Two minute review: “Crazy Heart”

30 September, 2010

Finally got around to watching this on dvd last night. Jeff Bridges was excellent because Jeff Bridges is always excellent, but I thought it was a fairly mediocre movie about someone who isn’t very interesting or compelling. In fact, I enjoyed this movie much more when it was done a couple years ago with Mickey […]

Diving further into “Inception”: Where to Read More…

24 July, 2010

Oh man, do I need to go see this movie again.   Maybe then I will fuel the obsession into writing more about it.  Instead I am perusing the interwebs, looking for great things that other folks are writing.   I have found a lot of crap, many bad reviews and some truly wild theories.   I have […]

Playfully Deconstructing “Inception” – Names and References

18 July, 2010

Here’s a little insight into the way I work.  This is me, sitting in the movie theater watching Inception: I’m trying to turn off the part of my brain that is taking notes for later and just follow it where it’s going.  I manage to do that almost entirely, so that I can really be […]

weekend short list

17 July, 2010

What I am up to this weekend. 1. Catching some of Pitchfork Music Festival (streaming live on my computer) I’m not at Pitchfork in Chicago, but this is the next best thing.   Tommorrow there are sets by Cass McCombs, Beach House, St. Vincent and Pavement. 2.  Discovering new music I like. This morning I caught […]

another silly list: If Rita Skeeter wrote for Us Weekly

10 July, 2010

If Rita Skeeter wrote for Us Weekly, the wizarding world would be reading about obnoxiously abbrev-nicknamed folks like: HarPot, HerGrange, AlDumb…