Valentines for Everyone

14 February, 2009

A Valentine’s Day List of all kinds of love you can send+ share: 1.  Obama Love Some Ecards has tons of snarky goodies, but these Obama-inspired V’s were my favorite: And if you sign up for the some ecards app on facebook, you can send them to about 100 million people simultaneously! 2.  I’ve mentioned […]

11 February, 2009

february 11 I’m no longer embracing winter. It was fun while it lasted, but I’m really enjoying any day over 40 degrees now – the teasing of Spring Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes…Starting a new day job this month and I’m quite happy. To be ending this chapter. To be starting a new one. For the short break between […]

Five things that almost ruin “Four Weddings and a Funeral”

8 January, 2009

(a movie that I find fairly delightful) 1.  The absurd hats.  Did I miss something?  Were enormous floppy hats really that in style at the end of the 80’s? 2.  Andie Macdowell.  (in general) 3.  The line “Is it still raining?  I hadn’t noticed.”  (and the way she says it.) 4.  The line “Is it […]

5 January, 2009

january 4 embracing winter outdoors Since Max arrived, I have been outside daily more often than I have in years. Walking in winter at all hours of the day – the painfully early frigid mornings and across the hill and moonlit field by my house in the middle of the night – I have come […]

smile-fodder: New Year’s related and otherwise

31 December, 2008

I have a lot of blogging to catch up on.  I nearly disappeared for all of December.  I have been dreaming of blogging, but only succeding at squirreling notes away in the brain file to post as soon as possible… they will make it up here.  You will know them, because they will be the […]

the list of now’s year in music + “best music of 2008” lists round-up

14 December, 2008

This year I didn’t really follow new releases or review any albums. I have been working on many other projects and so when I reflect on a list for this past year of my “favorites”, it would be comprised of songs that I came across this year – many not from this year’s record releases, […]

22 November, 2008

november 21st still glowing/smiling/feeling like I must be dreaming about the election and now I’m super excited to be following the selection of the cabinet and the rest of the administration (and on the waiting lists for inauguration tickets baby!) holidays holidays holidays.  I f’n LOVE the holidays. loving cold weather.  apparently I just love […]

30 October, 2008

October 31 the election candy corn knitting lots of fuzzy hats + scarves + things hard apple cider chilly chilly nights + firey firey fireplace meeting newborn family members recently saw: Burn After Reading, Religulous, Choke, Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, and W (this list will be updated with links when I get around to […]

2 October, 2008

favoritefavoritemovies angels in america amelie donnie darko before sunrise + before sunset the last unicorn heights serenity basquiat all about my mother reality bites harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban harry potter and the order of the phoenix moonstruck but I’m a cheerleader wonder boys almost famous the star wars trilogy pretty in pink […]

Music Trivia Meme

2 October, 2008

I am feeling a bit overwhelmed from reading (eating-sleeping-breathing) politics.   So here’s a game.  I’m stealing this particular variation from Kerri, although many many blogs I read have featured similar games recently. Here’s the one rule – I give you a line or two, you give me the next line which contains the title of […]

2 October, 2008

favoritefavoritesongs teardrop – massive attack wish you were here – pink floyd golden brown – the stranglers tom traubert’s blues – tom waits by my side – sade watching the wheels – john lennon love song – the cure tower of song – leonard cohen joey – concrete blonde possession  – sarah mclachlan don’t think […]

27 September, 2008

23 september 2008 autumn is officially here, little golden harbingers are appearing in the trees around our house and edging the water.  looking forward to apple picking, fall house decorations smells (cider, cinnamon, pumpkins), and dorky adventures like corn mazes and hay rides.   eating soup everyday.   sweater season. the song “you’ve already gone”  by William […]

the upcoming year in film: my list (so far)

16 September, 2008

September Miracle at St. Anna – History + mystery in an epic Spike Lee joint. Burn After Reading – It’s all about this cast.  Tilda Swinton, George Clooney, Frances McDormand and John Malkovich in a silly Coen Brothers’ film. Choke – Because I’ve been wanting another Palahniuk –> film adaptation since Fight Club and my […]

List of Hope-Inspiring Quotes from the DNC

15 September, 2008

I had wanted to post this list a few weeks back when I was watching the DNC and taking notes.  Before Palin exploded onto the scene at the RNC and changed the entire campaign landscape. Congratulations, Palin puppetmasters and the rest of the McCain Campaign, you did it… you knocked the cheerful, inspired and hopeful […]

Geeks: we’re everywhere and we vote.

6 September, 2008

So, in the past couple of days, after I posted the Palin = Umbridge comparison, I have googled and found a lot of mentions of this all over the interwebs.  There have been tons of comments on bulletin boards, blogs, and new sites where people even started making this comparison, commenting live, during her speech!  […]

Foods that I’ve tried (unsuccessfully) to acquire a taste for

25 August, 2008

In no particular order: 1.  cooked peppers 2.  sushi 3.  spicy foods (curries, sauces, salsas, peppers, all of the above) 4.  lentils 5.  beer

23 august 2008

23 August, 2008

summer sticks around during the day, but it is starting to feel like autumn at night watching Twin Peaks, Project Runway, No Reservations and the Olympics Mates of State/ Re-arrange Us assorted public radio shows and podcasts an old mix cd of early Modest Mouse that someone gave me in 2003 (still good) the song […]