You know what they say about Hugh Jackman…

By bonnie, 28 February, 2009

He’s awesome.  (It’s true, many people say that).


So the actual punchline to this joke… errr… I’ll tell you later.*

Ok. So this is a completely fluffy post in place of me doing the scads of recaps that I’ve been wanting to post.

I’ve had a long week.  I’m well aware that I’m way behind.   But secretly I have little motivation to do anything tonight besides playing video games, eating, sleeping, or watching movie trailers that I’ve already seen in anticipation for phenomenally exciting movie events approaching.

Like this one.

I.  Can’t.  Wait.  Aside from all the delicious Wolverineness,  let’s list the teeny glimpses of awesome in this trailer:

– Liev Schrieber as Sabertooth

– Gambit (I know it’s short, but I just LOVE the way the character has been styled/directed in the blip we saw and can’t wait to see more of him)

– Emma f’n Frost turning to diamond.

– The fight sequences

That’s all.

*Ok, that’s not all… I promised you a punchline, so here goes.  It’s stupid (and awesome), but don’t say I didn’t warn you about the stupid.

My friend Matt (Ciao,Rossi!), whenever the subject of the aforementioned actor comes up in conversation, ALWAYS says “You know what they say about Hugh Jackman?”



So now this is all I think of.

(and I burst into giggles, just thinking about this)


  1. my brother discovered that if he is wolverine for halloween, he can wear his own clothes (or the lack of them,) and look like his approximation of a badass.
    consequently, he has been wolverine for the past 3 halloweens, thereby ruining the character for me.

  2. also hugh jackman, to a degree.
    in my opinion, aaron and matthew maconnaghey (i don’t know or care how it’s spelled.) are basically the same person. aaron also embodies every character matthew maconnahay(?) has ever played, although most specifically, his characters in “failure to launch,” “ed tv,” and the old guy in “dazed and confused,” who clings desperately to his high school years, and trolls the parties where freshmen hang out.
    that *is* my brother.

  3. i realize i’ve taking this comment in a completely different direction than the post, but this conversation *actually* happened this weekend, and we won’t let our friend emily forget it:

    emily: …he has really short arms. they call him mcshortarms.
    tim: who?
    emily: matthew mcconnaghey. god! do you even READ perez hilton?? (said with immense disbelief)
    tim: no. no i do not. and i’m ok with that.

  4. lucy says:

    Me too! My girls and I are X-Men and Wolverine obsessed lately. It’s purely escapist. A few words about Gambit. He’s actor Taylor Kitsch from Friday Night Lights, and my oh my, I can’t wait to see him play one of my favorite characters. This was nice. Thank you.

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