By bonnie, 31 January, 2012

Happy last day of January. It’s around now when people are making their jokes about how only a few short weeks ago, they made resolutions that are now getting abandoned, forgotten or given up.

This year, just for fun on New Year’s Day, I tweeted random resolutions off the top of my head. My goals and somewhat silly vows ended up being more of a mini-bucket list than anything having to do with commitment, resolve or discipline.

This is my 2012 bucket list:

– Drink more whiskey in 2012. Since discovering hendrick’s gin, I’ve been neglecting all the whiskey that needs drinking.
– Spend a night on a boat
– Write (draw) a short webcomic.
– Read a novel in Italian
– Learn how to knit socks.
– Talk to my cats more.
– Learn to play top five Springsteen songs on the ukulele.
– Go on a rollercoaster.

So these are all good, and I fully plan on achieving them. I’m excited about achieving them. There is a bit of quality of life improvement, a bit of “I’d be proud to be able to do that” and a bit of “stuff I want to get around to doing”.


If I’m being super honest with myself, there isn’t a hell of a lot of deep reflective challenge going on here.

So here it the part about resolve. It’s taken me all of January to figure out what I really want from my year. What I really want to push myself to change.

I’m terrible about starting things, too many projects, well-intentioned ideas and sometimes even great things that I care about a lot  — and then for whatever reason, not finishing.

If I’m being honest with myself, that is my one real resolution for 2012:  To stop being the person who begins and doesn’t follow-through. My simple steps to change this are:

– To finish the projects that I have started (the ones that really matter).
– Let go of, abandon or table the things that are not priority.
– Don’t start anything new that I can’t, or realistically won’t finish.

and perhaps most importantly, telling myself:

Shut up and just get to work now.


  1. I think all of your resolution are wonderful ones. And I’d like to help with the whiskey one. I’ll have to come for a visit and when I do, we should go out and do a little tasting (my treat). Yes? Let’s? We’ll get you to follow through on at least that one — and I’ll be annoying you about these others too.

    • bonnie says:

      Brandi, I love everything about this plan. Although I should mention, that it’s likely you are going to have to come up to Boston to visit 🙂 We will be moving within a few months. I will be looking forward to finding a good occasion or excuse to invite you up for a visit!

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