passengers wanted for a collaborative photo project

By bonnie, 15 May, 2009

You know what I love?

Blurry photos taken from a moving vehicle.

I’m serious.  I love being a passenger with a camera.

I love taking pictures of whatever is outside the window when we are stopped at a light.  And while we are in motion.  I love the underside of bridges, all covered in graffiti that you can see from train windows.  And I even love the flares, sparks and trails of light you catch if it’s dark out, on the highway and you trying to take pictures anyway.

I figure there have to be more people out there who also love blurry (and non-blurry) passenger photos.  I searched around on flickr and found some beautiful photos, but no groups that specifically noted photos were taken as a passenger in a car, train, boat or aircraft.

So I started my own tumblr.

the Passenger Project

If you want to participate, please send photos or links to photos, your name and the location, date and any other details you want in the caption to:

or if you are on tumblr, go ahead and submit something! and I will post or link it up.

What do you think?

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