ListCaps: LOST 5×05 “This Place is Death”

By bonnie, 23 February, 2009

This was a couple of weeks ago, now.  I’m super duper late and frankly, don’t care much about this episode, because last week’s episode (5×06) was SO amazing that I can barely remember what happened before it.  I’m really excited to recap that one.

So um… I’m going to skip ahead.

I know, I know, I’m awesome at this recapping thing.  Four fucking episodes and I can’t even keep up.   I promise to be better at this from here on out.  REALLY.  But in the meantime, here is a brief overview of the major bullet points of this episode.  And then also some handy links to some actual better recaps.

This Island is Death!

So this is my really basic, no-frills, nutshell-cliche kind of bullet-listed recap:

  • Sun, and her gun, interrupts Ben’s little rendezvous with everyone at the dock.  He tells her Jin is still alive and she could kill him now and never know or give him a chance to prove it, but he needs to take her somewhere in order to do it.   Kate takes Aaron and leaves.  Sun and Jack go with Ben.  In the best scene of the episode, he pulls over the van and screams at them about how underappreciated he is, when he has been apparently struggling and working hard to protect them and all they do is complain, threaten and distrust him.
  • Jin travels with Danielle’s party through the jungle.  They find mysterious ruins that we have never seen, being guarded by the smoke monster, which attacks their crew. They survive but become “sick” and later Jin flashes into another time to find Danielle on the beach shooting Alex’s father, who pleads with her at first but then indeed, does try to kill her.
  • Jin (in another flash) is reunited with Sawyer and the group of survivors on the island.  He and Sawyer hug and it’s adorable and makes me go “Awwww”.   They continue on to the Orchid.   He gives Locke his wedding ring and makes him promise to  lie to Sun, tell her he is dead and never bring her back to the island.
  • Charlotte becomes weak and ill and Daniel stays behind with her while the rest of the group continues on to the Orchid.  She confesses she was raised on the island with her mother.   She says there was a crazy man who kind of scared her as a child.  This man warned her never to return to the island or she would die.  She believes this man was Daniel.   She tells him all this and then quite predictably dies.
  • They arrive at the Orchid and the station is not there.  Charlotte had muttered something about a well, so John finds the well and drops down into it.   Christian finds him there, reprimands him for ignoring his previous instructions and allowing Ben to move the island, instead of John himself.  The wheel apparently is off the axis and must be moved again to stop it, and for John to get off the island.  He does this and there is another flash.
  • Ben brings Jack and Sun to the church where Mrs. Hawking is.  Just before they go in, he gives Jin’s wedding ring to Sun as proof that he is still alive.  She continues on with him (either because she believes him or has to go with him to find out for sure if Jin is still alive).   Desmond arrives (looking for Mrs. Hawking because of Daniel’s message) and they all go in.  She is disappointed that Ben was not able to get all of the Oceanic Six, but says that this will have to do.

The End.

Links to some more comprehensive recaps:

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The Ack Attack (OK, so this one is less comprehensive if you didn’t watch and really want to know all the details of what actually happened.  But it’s freakin’ hilarious.  Highly recommended.

And I will be back with my 5×06 recap tomorrow!  And some Dollhouse recaps soon too, if you are into that.


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