and Viggo was his Name-O

By bonnie, 17 April, 2008

I just woke up from a dream that Viggo Mortensen was tattooing my left arm. And it was he himself, not a set-up of me going to a tattoo parlor and he just happened to be my tattoo artist.  I was aware that it was him, the actor, who also happened to be handy with the tattooing. In the dream, I was sitting around on an empty lot next to a movie set that was in the process of a shoot.  I was sitting on one of those industrial folding tables and waiting for someone and drinking coffee.  Viggo Mortensen was sitting next to me and chatting and inking my arm. It was a nice tattoo, if that matters.  It was nearly a sleeve, but the only part I remember seeing finished was an old steam engine and some swirls of smoke.  I remember thinking that is where one of my next tattoos was supposed to go, but now I will need to think of a new place since the Viggo tattoo was going there.

The best part for me was that in the dream, while this is happening, I have the thought “People will think its weird that Viggo Mortensen did my tattoo… so I better not tell anybody”. 1. Like I wouldn’t tell anybody. 2. Its hilarious that the thought was -People will think its weird- WEIRD?? NO ONE WOULD EVER BELIEVE ME.

So this is dream analysis portion of the blog now, what does it all mean? Well, its hard to tell because, strangely, Viggo Mortensen is kind of a household name around here. We really discuss him a lot more often than you’d think. Also, the cable network TNT has been showing the Lord of the Rings movies often lately and there is a rule about certain movies on television. Harry Potter, LOTR, Star Wars … if I discover any of these in progress on cable (usually because I was just flipping through), I can’t turn them off. Even if I’m doing other things. I will go downstairs and do laundry. I will be in the other room working on the computer or on a project. But I leave it on anyway and listen or pop back in to see my favorite parts.

So maybe if enough background LOTR seeps into your consciousness, you start to believe Aragorn can do anything?

That’s the best I’ve got. At least I didn’t dream about Elijah Wood tattooing me. That would be weird.

What do you think?

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